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Rebecka Boucher
How can he travel if he’s a ghost ??
Comment from : Rebecka Boucher

Dey Call Me Dark Chocolate
1:22 had me ded.
Comment from : Dey Call Me Dark Chocolate

The wig budget though! 😭😭😭😭😂
Comment from : blackjade101

This is the height of luxury!
Comment from : FRM YT

I don’t understand the end explain?
Comment from : rarted

Gray Beard
Is the extra in the green shirt Eugene Mirman?
Comment from : Gray Beard

no further west
I don't get it
Comment from : no further west

Baby Goat
The dude in the green shirt is like oml pls don’t talk to me I don’t wanna y’all I’m too shy and it’s awkward....
Comment from : Baby Goat

Thiccy T
Duke is that you
Comment from : Thiccy T

Travis D.
If you just think positively anything can be magnificent
Comment from : Travis D.

Tristan Wolfe
I like this guy. Very easy to impress.
Comment from : Tristan Wolfe

Luke Lauchle
Jordan Peele now hosts the new Twilight Zone
Comment from : Luke Lauchle

Mr. Lunatic
Lightning in a plane?

What an incredible 5D upgrade economy plus comes with

Comment from : Mr. Lunatic

Uwais Abdulla
The talking Mr. Bean
Comment from : Uwais Abdulla

0 0
Not gonna lie. I felt a little creeped out. lmao

Comment from : 0 0

Vivares 76
3:10 i literally thought it was Steven Ogg for a min. No kidding and no offense btw look here and i really dont know www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=https%3A%2F%2Fi.ytimg.com%2Fvi%2F-faom2vKNHM%2Fmaxresdefault.jpg&imgrefurl=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3D-faom2vKNHM&docid=ZauZZ1YAc6vYZM&tbnid=W7NNtCPnmFGssM%3A&vet=10ahUKEwiijJ3-gZzkAhULiXAKHY7uCx8QMwh8KAYwBg..i&w=1280&h=720&safe=active&bih=657&biw=1366&q=steven%20ogg&ved=0ahUKEwiijJ3-gZzkAhULiXAKHY7uCx8QMwh8KAYwBg&iact=mrc&uact=8
Comment from : Vivares 76

dylan dixon
They have never done a skit without the two of them, so if they ever do, instead of naming it Key and Peele they should make it just Key or just Peele that would be funny
Comment from : dylan dixon

Jeff Baker
Love this character!
Comment from : Jeff Baker

Jeff Baker
Sky Shoppe mag-O-zine...

...don't mind if I do. 1:57

Comment from : Jeff Baker

Tyler Kheang
Can anyone exlpain the ending?
Comment from : Tyler Kheang

Symone Harvey
I thought of the twilight zone first time I watched this obviously before he opened the window. I predicted horror in his future. I just never expected get out which was brilliant and so twilight zoney. 2of best genius minds working today.
Comment from : Symone Harvey

The Tinker Wins Prods
Soooooooo freaking good at what he does.
Comment from : The Tinker Wins Prods

Ki Wi
Comment from : Ki Wi

Samuel Maturino
That guy from the 1950s
Comment from : Samuel Maturino

1:08 because if I keep coming back to this video this ultimately what I want to see.
Comment from : ChangedMedia

Draxx Them Sklounst
How did he leave the hotel
Comment from : Draxx Them Sklounst

jkl 931
Rosebud = Dead
Comment from : jkl 931

the Zodiac
😂🤣😂🤣 My man felt like he was in First Class!!!! Throw a + on anything and it’s an upgrade.
Comment from : the Zodiac

Edward Davis
When you don't see a red bar underneath a Key & Peele video you just click it immediately.
Comment from : Edward Davis

Melissa Franklin
Omg "Rosebud" ☠☠☠
Comment from : Melissa Franklin

Melissa Franklin
Definitely one of my favorite characters... Such great acting!
Comment from : Melissa Franklin

Random Person
So this inspired peele to work on the twilight zone
Comment from : Random Person

Ivan Hernandez
Dumbass kid 🙄
Comment from : Ivan Hernandez

Hellfire TV
1:33 I can hear the Duke Ellington in his voice
Comment from : Hellfire TV

Soviet Boi
Comment from : Soviet Boi

Nate W
I actually remember flight magazines featuring Lord of the Rings merchandise.
Comment from : Nate W

Louis Reece
One of Jordan's best characters
Comment from : Louis Reece

“Carry on?”
“Carry on, yourself, Alex.”

Comment from : C-rude

Boni Chodes
Let me see if I can predict this video before it starts: he sees something completely normal and goes “Mmm, me likey.” because, twist ending: he’s from hell and he never got to experience such novelties.
Comment from : Boni Chodes

Reference to the greatest improv comedian ever: Colin Mochrie! Fantastic ;)
Comment from : SubnormalSound

To those asking what the demon was about, it was a reference to an episode of The Twilight Zone.
Comment from : OnyxFlare

DaVinci 3
When you realize that this was the audition for Twilight zone
Comment from : DaVinci 3

Chey Barnfather
This is pretty fuckin surreal m8
Comment from : Chey Barnfather

Luis Mendoza
Does anyone get the ending of the guy out the plane?
Comment from : Luis Mendoza

Why was there a demon. Explain it please
Comment from : ASHAHD ALI

MomoTheLemur FTW
These captions are god awful
Comment from : MomoTheLemur FTW

I'd love to see this guy at a Buccee's.
Comment from : BlankCanvas88

John Rife
I love the continental guy..he's so positive.
Comment from : John Rife

ReeN // Edits
So does this mean he is going to hell? :( he just wanted the breakfast yo
Comment from : ReeN // Edits

Stephen R
That laugh tho xD
Comment from : Stephen R

PS4 Gaming Pro
Don’t mind if I do
Comment from : PS4 Gaming Pro

john hand
i want to see a movie
Comment from : john hand

Shriram Ashokan
Can someone explain the ending, I did not get it 🙄
Comment from : Shriram Ashokan

That cynical commenter
Ignorance is bliss, i wish i enjoyed mundane life as much as him.
Comment from : That cynical commenter

Matt Sharpe
Not their best clip
Comment from : Matt Sharpe

this is how i felt on business class for the first time. hahahhaahah
Comment from : realsunjim

Conn Toons
Are there any fpoons on the plane?
Comment from : Conn Toons

Peggy Stoute Morin
I want a man like him who's easy to please.
Comment from : Peggy Stoute Morin

I was high watching this and the ending mad me shit myself
Comment from : OgSlimSmoke

1:21 his laugh sounds like a siren
Comment from : NintendoMan640

Rosebut made him fell asleep? I thought it granted 10.000 Sims dollars.
Comment from : Agency

Aaron C
Shout out to Colin Mochrie!!!!
Comment from : Aaron C

I cant believe he whistle noted
Comment from : loonatic1497

This is me on Spirit Air first class.
Comment from : M K

RIP SkyMall
Comment from : quadmasta

That harp music when Key shows him the seat 😂
Comment from : Devotchka

Oh boy
I would give anything to live in this man's shoes for one day and experience everything as if it was brand new to me so that I can have euphoric wonderment 🤔😊
Comment from : Oh boy

Diogo Bronze da Silva
I know people like this, one at least.
Comment from : Diogo Bronze da Silva

Barrier Boy
colin mockery (mochrie) lol i see what you did dude!!
Comment from : Barrier Boy

Teddy long
Imagine having to spend and entire flight sat next to this guy
Comment from : Teddy long

Sleepy Head
Some terry tryna act froggy 3:08
Comment from : Sleepy Head

Eli Washburn
What was the meaning of the last quote?
Comment from : Eli Washburn

I finally get what he means when he says rosebud lol
Comment from : izzybuuuu1

TropicalTrapFire 03
If I was next to this guy on the plane... I would tell him to seriously shut the fuck up.
Comment from : TropicalTrapFire 03

TropicalTrapFire 03
Is this dude from a time machine cause damn he has old people fashion
Comment from : TropicalTrapFire 03

Kdoobs2015 Doobieman
Upgrade you say 😂
Comment from : Kdoobs2015 Doobieman

Having recently ridden Economy Plus for the first time, this joy is SHOCKINGLY accurate.
Comment from : AlucardaLaCarte

Arjun Singh
But is it against the law
Comment from : Arjun Singh

Enis Hassan
This is the funniest shit I’ve ever seen.
Comment from : Enis Hassan

Lost Bus Productions
He sittin next to Oliver tree
Comment from : Lost Bus Productions

Riady Charnidy
Citizen Kane and Twilight Zone references in one sketch, epic!!!
Comment from : Riady Charnidy

Sarath Amirtha
02:28 "It hurts a little bit, but i like it". We all heard this somewhere i guess
Comment from : Sarath Amirtha

Hjwah hh
Comment from : Hjwah hh

Hjwah hh
1:31 when you realize it’s gonna be a weird trip
Comment from : Hjwah hh

Dennis Kara
he looks like lou bega!
Comment from : Dennis Kara

Ramian Smith
Who Caught the Citizen Cain referennce??? And Sharknado?
Comment from : Ramian Smith

amir thedude
omg only now because of his laugh at the captain joke I released he's the voice actor for the ghost of duke in big mouth
Comment from : amir thedude

Piyush Bansal
How can lightening be seen inside the plane?
Comment from : Piyush Bansal

RTV Dexter
1:24 I laughed so hard bc I didn’t even get the joke till he said that 🤣🤣🤣
Comment from : RTV Dexter

Still gonna watch this in 2019?
Don't mind if I do

Comment from : TheHarryShow

Economy plus...

What will you think of next Germany

Comment from : TheHarryShow

Luis Serrano
That mustache though
Comment from : Luis Serrano

Tony Ho
I'll have what I'm having!
Comment from : Tony Ho

Kurly Kayla
1:38 the face of a man who's realized his fate for the next several hours.
Comment from : Kurly Kayla

HOLY SHIATSU MESSAGE...it hurts a lil but..I like it..(hysterically cries)....rosebud (snores).
Comment from : J T

Chhering Khampa
I love this character
Comment from : Chhering Khampa

Come ooooonnnn... Nobody talking about that wink at 0:52?
Comment from : toffolotty

Siid's Instrumentals
My first thought when I saw this on my YouTube:

Oh crap, no.

Comment from : Siid's Instrumentals

Joon Assassin
I see he's in purgatory now...hahahahahaha.....
Comment from : Joon Assassin

If he was the only other person on the plane I'd sit right next to him.
Comment from : MS

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